With Food You Remember

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 Our mission is to provide delicious, high quality food so you can focus on “making memories” with your guests.  Our catering menu is built around many homemade and fresh items.  We’ve chosen foods that often grace our own table at family events and are adapted from recipes handed down from our grandmother, mom, mother-in-laws and aunts.

Here are some of our favorite foods and the memories they hold for us:


Laura: It is hard to remember a time that cooking with family and friends wasn't a part of my life. I have learned from some of the best home cooks who have shared their time, recipes and culinary skills. My mother in law was always endlessly patient with me as I tried to master her cream pie and my mother blessed me with her skill at making cinnamon rolls. I have my Grandma Byham's knack for making killer macaroni and cheese which I in turn have taught my great niece to make. I have not always been the baker and cook I am today. When I was 10, I tried to bake a homemade yellow cake that turned out like cement. My Dad said very little but later I noticed my cake encased in a net hanging from our tree in the backyard. He thought the birds might like to eat it. We have laughed about that a lot over the years. So many recipes I treasure because of the love and happy memories they evoke.


Barb: As a busy Mom, raising two boys made me find creative ways to make the most of each moment. There is nothing like the smell of cookies baking to bring your sons to the kitchen table. We shared stories, milk, warm cookies and memories to last a lifetime. Baking helped supplement my income as I was attaining my nursing degree. One holiday season my friend and I baked 600 dozen cookies (that's 7,200) in a small kitchen with one oven and a small hand mixer. My home smelled wonderful and was filled with laughter - some maybe due to sleep deprivation. Now my joy will be creating those same kind of memories with my grandsons!


Patty: I am the “baby” of the family and for many years was never allowed to bring anything to family meals except for pop or buns!   It wasn’t until I moved back to the area that I began cooking more.  I was always asking my mom or sisters for their recipes and decided that when my niece got married it was time to pull all the recipes together into a family cookbook.  “Clair’s Girls’ Good Home Cookin’” was created and has been my gift to new brides in our family ever since.  The book currently needs updated because what I’ve realized is that none of us ever follow a recipe!  So many of the recipes are merely guides or ingredient lists (and not always the same ingredients that we use now to make that dish).  One of my favorite things to make is actually a recipe that needs to be included when we do the update – Strawberry Spinach Salad.  It’s a recipe I got from my sister Mona and one that I’ve made many times since.  She loved that salad and I can’t make it without thinking of her.  And I’m still bringing the buns to family gatherings – but instead of the store bought kind they are homemade crescent rolls.


Our family business consists of three sisters who have been baking, cooking and serving family dinners since we were old enough to stand on a kitchen chair beside our mother.