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Everything we cook is homemade!  We cook like our grandmother and mother cooked.  You’ll be able to see that in our food because no two cookies or rolls look the same and sometimes our dishes will bubble over the side of the pan.  All the photos you see on our website and social media accounts are pictures of our food and places in our kitchen.


Here are some of our most requested menus but feel free to contact us for a free menu planning consultation.  Some items may be seasonal, please call to confirm the availability of certain items.


We pride ourselves in meeting the dietary restrictions of our customers.  These may include food allergies, vegetarian, vegan, lactose or gluten free, low-calorie and diabetic options.  Most menu items can be adapted to meet the dietary needs of your guests.


PRICING You will only see a few of our items with pricing on our website and here’s why:


• We want to individualize your menu and work within your budget.  We want you to get the most for your money.  We will talk to you about how much food you will need, your catering and staffing needs, as well as other items you may need to make your event a success.  We are happy to discuss all of this with you and then get back to you with a quote.


• We offer free menu planning and consultation.  There is a real art to putting certain dishes together so your guests walk away feeling satisfied.  You always want to offer items that balance salty & sweet; light & comforting; soft & crunchy; and something familiar & something wonderfully unexpected.   This will have your guests walking away remembering the event and the time they spent together around a table.

We can help you plan a menu to fit your catering needs.

 Whether it’s a wedding, business lunch, party or picnic – or maybe you’re having people over for dinner and don’t feel like cooking – we have food that will fit every occasion.